• eyelets and fasteners

    High-resistance products for the construction of fasteners and covers; accessories used for the production of side panels for pavilions, tarpaulins for the field of transport, and more generally in all the applications where security, strength and immediacy are needed.

  • Binding tape, PVC profiles and cords

    Tools designed for professionals in outdoor living and for manufacturers of sun protection systems; a variety of solutions for tensioning, decoration and anchoring structures.

  • Cristal and special zippers

    A line of products particularly suitable in the sun protection and nautical fields, such as side panels, pavilions and blinds for verandas, awnings for boats, high-tech solutions for the maximum limit use, where the unique characteristics of resistance and of air and water impermeability are needed.

  • Industrial doors

    Complete systems for the production of sliding or wind-up locks in the industrial, agricultural, and civil fields, particularly suited to separate or isolate environments while at the same time allowing immediate access.

  • Clamping and Ratchets systems

    Ratchets, hooks, slings and belts, a range of products created and tailored specifically for the actual needs required by the industry.
    High-safety products for specific and critical uses and for the construction of biogas facilities.

  • Keders and aluminium profiles

    Large structures, warehouses, industrial doors and agricultural purposes require appropriate products, quality and high mechanical resistance in order to guarantee complete safety.

  • Rollers and rails

    This line includes rails and accessories suitably designed to realize sliding systems with light-weight doors in materials such as wood, aluminium, PVC and cristal. Steel rails, and carts available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and nylon for a smooth and silent sliding.